Judy, a woman of color v. Barry Meachum
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By same who did you sell her to?

ans - I cant be positive but I believe I transferred
her to TouissantDubois - I am pretty sure of it
but will not state so positively - I heard
that he, afterwards, I think had sold her
to PierrePierre Menard MenardPierre Menard . This was she common report

By same - Did you or did you not sell her as a
slave - state if so how you sold her

ans - I did not sell her as a slave - I believe I
never sold any black or blacks or slaves.
I think I sold her with her indentures for
fifteen years - she was bound to me for
a certain length of time - to repay me the
amount I had expended for her - and I sold
only her services for the tme specified in
her indenture whatever it was which I cant
certainly recollect it has been so long Since
But believe it was fifteen years - from the
time she was bound - I generally took an inden-
turefor this time

By same - Did you or did you not bring young
JudyJudy to VincennesVincennes from KentuckyKentucky

ans - I bought her in LouisvilleLouisville and brought her
to this place immediately -
and further this deponent says not