Judy, a woman of color v. Barry Meachum
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State of missouri
Saint LouisSt Louis County

This day FrancisFrancis Creli personally
appeared before the undersigned a justice of
the peace for the county aforesaid and made
oath that he was born in the town of VincennesVincennes
in the north - western Territory and was well
acquainted with a MrRobertRobert who lived
in the same place and who owned two female
slaves both named JudyJudy the one called old
JudyJudy being the mother of a family and the other
called little JudyJudy . That he is under the impression that little JudyJudy was brought from the state of KentuckyKentucky
some where between the year 1800 &
1806 and remained at VincennesVincennes in the employment
and as the slave of the said BuntonBunton for
one or two years, probably until the year 1806
when the owners of slaves becoming alarmed at
the prospect of loosing their slaves where IndianaIndiana
should be made a free state, a
great number were off, and among other
little JudyJudy - This affiant afterwards moved
to the town of Saint LouisSt Louis where he saw
and recognised little JudyJudy as she was called.

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who was owned by the late william LecompteLecompte .
And further this affiant saith not

Sworn to and subscribed before
this 9th day of January AD 1837


FrancisFrancis his mark Crely