Celeste, a minor, by and through her next friend, Judy v. William Sullivan
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To the Honorable Lake E. Lawless Judge of the
third Judicial Circuit for the State of missouri:

The petition of CelesteCeleste a minor by her grand mother
and next friend JudyJudy respectfully represents
that she was born in the
city of Saint LouisSt Louis about one year ago and
is the grand daughter of JudyJudy who was born in
the state of VirginiaVirginia about the year 1786
and when about 10 or 11 years old was brought
to LouisvilleLouisville KentuckyKentucky and sold to a certain
WilliamWilliam SullivanSullivan who kept her for a short
time as a slave and then sold her to a
certain Robert BuntonRobert Bunton a resident of the
town of VincennesVincennes in the north - western Territory.
That the said BuntonBunton took your petitioner's
grand mother to VincennesVincennes in the Territory aforesaid
about the year 1792 at which place she
was owned and kept continued to he held as a
slave by the said BuntonBunton for the space of two
years or upwards. That after your petitioners
grand mother had been held and treated as a
slave in VincennesVincennes aforesaid for the length of
time above set forth she was sent to KaskaskiaKaskaskia
in the Territory aforesaid and some short time

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afterwards sold to a certain WilliamWilliam LecompteLecompte of
the town of St LouisSt Louis in upper LouisianaLouisiana where
she has remained as a slave ever since.
Your petitioner further represents that she is
now illegally held in slavery by a certain
LaforceLaforce Papin PapinLaforce Papin of St LouisSt Louis contrary to the
ordinances passed by CongressCongress on the day
of July 1787. Your petitioner
therefore prays that she may be
permitted to sue as a poor person for
the recovery of her freedom by JudyJudy her
grand mother and next friend that counsel
be assigned her for that purpose
and finally that your Honor may the
usual orders in such cases and as in
duty bound will ever pray & C

CelestineCelestine by JudyJudy
her grand mother &
next friend her mark