Andrew, a boy of color, by and through his next friend, Judy v. John B. Sarpy
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Circuit CourtCircuit Court March Term 1837.
Saint LouisSt Louis County to wit:

AndrewAndrew a minor by JudyJudy his mother
and next friend by F.W.. Risque his attorney
complains of John B.SarpyJohn B Sarpy of a plea
of trespass for false imprisonment:
For that whereas the said SarpySarpy heretofore
: on the 2d day of January 1837
at the county aforesaid with force and
arms made an assault upon the said
AndrewAndrew to wit: at & C, and then and
there beat, bruised, and illtreated him the
said AndrewAndrew and then and there imprisoned
him and kept & detained him in
prison there without any reasonable or probable
cause whatsoever for a long space
of time to wit: for the space of
there next following contrary to the act
of the generalassembly in such case
made and provided and against the consent
of the said AndrewAndrew . And the said
AndrewAndrew by JudyJudy his next

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friend avers that before and at the time of the
committing of the said grievances he was
and still is a free person and that
the said SarpySarpy held and still holds
him in slavery to the damage of the
said plaintiff $ 300 and therefore he
brings suit &C-

counsel for