Andrew, a boy of color, by and through his next friend, Judy v. John B. Sarpy
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Executed this writ by reading it to MichaelMichael Tesson TessonMichael Tesson & E PEdward P Tesson
TessonEdward P Tesson on the 21st, and to MmeLamey & Micheal TessonMichael Tesson
& Jos: C LaveilleLaveille on the 23d, days of July 1838. in
the county of St. LouisSt Louis- Edw. Tracy not found

James BrothertonJames Brotherton Sheriff By
Joseph WJoseph W McClurg McClurgJoseph W McClurg DShff

Service $ 2.50 .12 1/2 $ 2.62 1/2