Andrew, a boy of color, by and through his next friend, Judy v. John B. Sarpy
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Question by deft. did you purchase her as a slave

answer, I did, but it was my intention to set her free
so soon as I was paid for the money I
advanced for her, for which purpose I
took her indentures for fifteen years, as I believe

Question by deft. What became of those Indentures,

answer I do not know certainly but believe I transferred
them to the , to whom I transferred her to

Question by deft. was Stout residing in VincennesVincennes at
the time you brought saidJudyJudy there

answer I think he was, but I am not certain, my
impression is that Stout came to VincennesVincennes
in the year 1796 -

Question by deft. did you everown any other colored Woman
in VincennesVincennescalledJudyJudy except the
said JudyJudy -

answer, I owned an other colored Woman in VincennesVincennes
and at the same time called old JudyJudy who
with her Children I setfree, and are now
living in the state of IndianaIndiana, except one
calledSarahSarah who left with her ownconsent
and went away with her husband

Question by deft. did you know Mrs. Chew

answer. I did she was brought in by the Indians as a
prisoner, It might have been about the time
I bought said JudyJudy , I do not know

Question by deft. How long did you keep said young judy
in VincennesVincennes after your brought her there -

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answer, I do not know, Whether six months or four years,
but I think it was notmore than four years

Question by deft What inducedyou to believe, you
took Indentures from young judy for
fifteen years -

answer, my intention was ,when I purchased her and
others, to set them free after fifteen years service
and I districtly that I recollect distinctly that I wished to
transfer her Indentures to the person I sold
her services, and I offered to the person to whom
I sold her services & Bill of sale stating
the timeshe had to serve which he refused
as I think, stating that he did not want a
Bill of sale -

R. Buntin