Jack, a man of color v. Absalom Link
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To, the Hon Luke E.Lawless Judge of the St. LouisCircuit Court
Circuit CourtCircuit Court.

The Petition of JackJack a man of color represents that
he was formerly the slave of Harrison Winn who
resided in VirginiaVirginia: That some twelve or fourteen
years ago said Winn removed from VirginiaVirginia bringing
his family with him, and also your petitioner
there his slave. That said Winn brought your
petitioner to IllinoisIllinois and hired him out in Shawneetown
for about a month, under which
hiring your petitioner worked; that immediately
afterwards said Winn went from Shawneetown
distance into the interior of the State of IllinoisIllinois
where he resided about two months longer holding
your petitioner as a slave and hiring him
out to work by the day and receiving the
wages of such hiring that such residence of
said Winn & such hiring of your petitioner in
IllinoisIllinois was not move fourteen years ago,
if so long ago: that said Winn was a married
man & had childem, & had all his family with
him in IllinoisIllinois during the times aforesaid: by
which residence and hiring of your petitioner in
IllinoisIllinois, he has become entitled to his freedom
as he is advised and believes. He further
says that on the death of said Winn, your
peitioner fell into the hands of one WilliamWilliam
ThompsonThompson by bequest of said Winn; which
ThompsonThompson transferred him to AbsalomAbsalom Link
LinkAbsalom Link who now claims your petitioner as his
slave and holds him in slavery under and
in virtue of the title so obtained from said
Winn as aforesaid. Wherefore he prays that
he may be permitted to sue as a poor person
in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court for St.Louis County
in which County, said Link resides, in

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order to prove his right to freedom and obtain
the same: That JosiahJosiah Spalding SpaldingJosiah Spalding may be of
assigned as his counsel in said suit, He further
prays that the usual order for liberty to see
his counsel &,C. may be made

JackJack his mark