Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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Hardage LaneHardage Lane

Decisions in main cases for Freedom

Merry vs Jefferi & MenardMenard - Ms Rep 725

The Principles decided in this case is that any colored
person born in the N W, Ty after the ordinance
of 1787 is entitled to freedom if born of a Mother
residing there

DennyDenny vsWhitesidesWhitesides Mo Rep 472 the court uses these
words - âThis court thinks that the parson who takes his
blame into said Territory & by the length of his residence
there indicates an intention of making that place
his residence & that of his slave and thereby induces a
Jury to believe, that fact does by such residence-
declare his slave to have become a free man.

Case of-

Franceas Lagrange alias IsidoreIsidore 2 Mo Rep 20 The facts
as stated by the Court are that in 1816
being owner of Plff sold him to P.Menard for $500
That MenardMenard immediately took him to St Geneveve,
& from there sent him to Mern La Matte in this
state to work - that some time after this Plff
went to Kaskaskias where he was put on Board
a Keel Boat and after remaining about 2 days
went in said Boat as a working hand to New
OrleansOrleans - that about the last March 1817 the
plaintiff returned in same boat to Kaskaskias
where he remained a few days (one witness, stated
8 or 9) assisting to reload said Boat, then was
sent in said Boat to the Big Swamp in
Cape Girardeau CountyCape Girardeau County & after remaining there
five or six weeks returned in the Boat to Kaskas
kias & after two or three days was sent to deft
P ChouteauChouteau Jr JrChouteau Jr , where he has been ever since.
The principles decided in this case are 1 The ordinance
of 1787 was intended as a fundamental law for those
who may choose to live under it rather than as a penal
2 That construing the ordinance the court
will not be tied down to the particular exceptions
contained therein but will construe it according
to its spirit.