Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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Any Sort or Residence construed, or permitted by the
Legal Owner upon the faith of trusts or
contracts in order to defeat the ordinance & thereby
introduce slaver de facto should doubtless entitle a
slave to freedom and should be promoted by a
forfeiture of title to the propertyâ

The Owner of a slave removing to IllinoisIllinois and carrying his
slave along with him there to remain permanently must
intend to introduce, involuntary servitude, or slavery
against the express terms of the ordinance. But the
Owner of a slave who is merely passing through
the country with him or who may be a resident
in IllinoisIllinois and may choose to employ him Mining in MissouriMissouri or as a sailor or Boat hand upon
the rivers or high seas in Boats or inlets that
occasionally unload their cargoes at
same port or place within the state, though he
may not do much in extending the fundamental
principles of civil, & religious liberty, certainly does
nothing towards slavery on the of the state

Slaves carried into IllinoisIllinois with a view to Residence
and staying there long enough to acquire the character
of residents do by such residence became free
MillyMilly vsSmithSmith 2 Mo Rep 36

NatNat vs Ruddle 3 Mo Rep 400 In this case the court
Instructed the jury - that if they believed from the
evidence that the Master took the slave into IllinoisIllinois
and used him there as a slave or permitted him
to be used there as such they should find for
the slave. But that if the slave went into
the state on a mere visit or ran away from
MissouriMissouri to that State he would not therby
be entitled to his freedom

The master who permits his slave to go to IllinoisIllinois
& there hire himself commits as great an offense
as he who takes his slave along with him to
reside there.
Ralp vsDavidsonDavidson 30 Mo Rep 194.