Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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Where a slave stayed in IllinoisIllinois 30 days during
which she was hired out two days & the
owner pay in Soap held the slave was
entitled to freedom
JuliaJulia vs Mr. KenneyKinney 3 Mo Rep

In the case of RachaelRachael vsWalkerWalker 4 Mo Rep 350

The question where a slave claims freedom
on account of Residence in IllinoisIllinois is whether
the master made any unnecessary Delay in
IllinoisIllinois with his slave it is not whether the
slave acquired a Residence nor is it whether
the Master became a Domesticated resident of
IllinoisIllinois nor is it of any consequence that
the slave remains voluntarily in IllinoisIllinois 592
4 Mo Rep
The construction of ordinance of 1787 &

IllinoisIllinois ban should be the same 4 Mo Rep 592.

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