Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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In the cases of JudyJudy vsMeachumMeachum , AndrewAndrew vsSarpySarpy
and AspisaAspasia vsLaneLane in which the facts are the same there [ inteligent ] juries have decided
in favour of the Plaintiff. This, I contend, is equivalent to these
verdicts in the same case. WillWill the court pay no res
pect to the opinions of thirty six honest and intiligent
men this solemly expressed? If the verdict in the
case of AspisaAspasia vsLaneLane , a case so well and clearly
made out, should be set aside by the court,
the inestimable right of the trial by Jury will become
a mere farce, with which the administration of jus
tice is closed. All which is respectfully submitted


Risque & BirdBird
for Pltf.