Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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Hardage LaneHardage Lane

Suit for freedom
Hardage LaneHardage Lane the above
named deft. makes oath that
Peter MenardPeter Menard is a material witness for him on the
trial of the above entitled cause that there is no
other witness in attendance upon whose testimony the
said Deft. can safely rely to prove the same facts
that the said Peter MenardPeter Menard is expected to prove Deft.
states that he cannot safely go to trial without the
testimony of said MenardMenard , that said MenardMenard is not
absent by the consent connivance or procurement
of this affiant. Affiant states that he verily believes
the testimony of said MenardMenard to be of the utmost
importance on his behalf. Affiant states that said
MenardMenard is a resident of the town of KaskaskiaKaskaskia
in the State of IllinoisIllinois and that said MenardMenard informed
this affiant that he would be in the City of St.LouisCity of St Louis
during the present term of this Hon. Court, and could
give his testimony orally on behalf of affiant,
which mode was deemed preferable to the taking
the deposition of said MenardMenard . Affiant further
states that said MenardMenard did come to the City ofCity of St Louis
St.LouisCity of St Louis & was in the city at the commencement of this Court assurable to his statement to this affiant
but left the city without giving to this affiant
sufficient notice to take the deposition of the
said MenardMenard . Affiant states that he has not
taken the depositon of the said MenardMenard for
the reasons above stated and for the further rea
son that he thought he would be able to have
the personal attendance of said MenardMenard on the
trial of the above cause. Affiant states that if a continuance is granted him he will be
able by the next term of this Hon. Court to have
the personal attendance of said MenardMenard or
his deposition. Affiant states that since the
commencement of the present term of this
Court he has discovered, other evidence which