Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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he is advised and believes will also be material
for his defence, which evidence can only be procured
by going or sending to the town of VincennesVincennes
in the State of IndianaIndiana, and which evidence
was discovered too late to be obtained at the
present term of this Hon. Court. Affiant states
that he believes that he will be able to procure
all the necessary evidence for his defence by
the next Term of this Court should a conti
nuance be granted, affiant states that if he
is forced to go to trial at the present Term of this
Hon. Court, that he believes manifest injustice
will be done him, he further states that this
continuance is not asked for the purpose
of vexation of delay but for the attainment
of justice above.

Sworn to and subscribed
in open court this 30thNovr. 1837.

John RulandJohn Ruland Clerk


Hardage LaneHardage Lane