Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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Question by deft, What became of said JudyJudy -
Answer I think I transferred her to Taussaint Dubais

Question by deft, did you purchase her as a slave

Answer I did but it was my instruction to set her
free, so soon as I was paid for the money advanced
for her, for which purpose I took her indentures
for fifteen years as I believed

Question by deft, What became of those Indentures

Answer, I do not know certainly but believe I transferred
them to the person I transferred her to.

Question by deft, Was Eliher StuartStuart residing in VincennesVincennes
at the time you brought said JudyJudy there.

Answer I think he was, but I am not certain my
impression in that Eliher StuartStuart came to VincennesVincennes
in the year 1796

Question by deft, did you ever own any other colored
woman called JudyJudy , in VincennesVincennes, except
the said JudyJudy

Answer I owned one, other colored woman in
VincennesVincennes and at the same time called
Old JudyJudy who with her children I set free
and are now living in the State of IndianaIndiana.
Except one called SarahSarah who left with her own consent, and went away with her

Question by deft, did you know Mrs.

Answer, I did, she was brought in by the Indians
as a prisoner, it might have been about
the time I brought said JudyJudy here, I do not