Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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intention of liberating them, I bought them all after
1787. The first I bought ws WilliamWilliam and old
JudyJudy his wife with SallySally her oldest child. I bought
also afterwards Young JudyJudy from WilliamWilliam SullivanSullivan
in the year 1799 - as appears by his bill of sale
to me filed in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court of St. Louis County
MissouriMissouri in the case of JudyJudy in a suit for freedom
attached to my deposition therein such should be
taken as a part of this. By same: How long
did you own Young JudyJudy ? Ans: I dont know,
perhaps two, three or four years. By same: How
did you dispose of young JudyJudy and to whom did
you sell or transfer her? Ans: I cant be positive
but believe I transferred her to Tousaint DuboisDubois decd, I am pretty sure of it, but will not state
so positively. (Here follows in the deposition the part
stucken out not read at the trial and not copied here) By same: Did
you or did you not sell her as a slave, state if so
how you sold her? Ans: I did not sell her as a
slave. I believe I never sold any black or blacks
as slaves.
(Here follows an other part of the said deposi
tion not read upon the trial and not copied here)