Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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By same. Did you or did you not bring young JudyJudy
to VincennesVincennes from KentuckyKentucky? Ans: I bought her
in LouisvilleLouisville and brought her to VincennesVincennes im
mediately. By same. What became of the indenture
of which you speak and where are they now. Ans: (a part of the answer to the above question was not read
upon the trial and is here omitted)(it concludes as follows)
old JudyJudy and young JudyJudy did not agree very
well and for that reason, I sold young JudyJudy or
rather her services. I have no recollection of giving
the purchaser any indenture and rather think the
purchaser from me neither took a Bill of sale,
Indenture, or any thing else. (Signed) Robert BuntonRobert Bunton ". The Plaintiff next offered in evidence and read the second deposi
tion of the said Robert BuntonRobert Bunton taken on behalf of
the defendant in the words, letters and figures follow
ing to writ: Robert BuntonRobert Bunton of lawful age being pro
duced, sworn and examined on the part of the defen
dant deposeth and saith. Question by deft: When did you
come to VincennesVincennes. Answer.
About april or may in
the year 1793. Question by deft: At what time did
you bring to VincennesVincennes a colored woman called young
JudyJudy ?
In the fall of the year 1799.