Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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Question by Deft.
How long did you keep said colored
woman in VincennesVincennes. Answer.
I do not recollect. Question by deft.
How and where did you obtain
said colored woman called JudyJudy ?

Answer. I obtained her of WilliamWilliam SullivanSullivan in
LouisvilleLouisville KentuckyKentucky in October 1799 and received
a Bill of sale for her of that date which was
attached to my deposition given at a former
examination. Question by deft.
What became
of said JudyJudy . Answer.
I think I transfered
her to Tousiant DuboisDubois . Question by deft.
you purchase her as a slave? Answer.
I did
but it was my intention to set her free so soon
as I was paid for the money advanced for her. Question by deft.
Was ElishaElisha Stout residing in
VincennesVincennes at the time you brought said JudyJudy
then. Answer.
I think he was, but am not
certain my impression is that ElishaElisha Stout came to