Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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VincennesVincennes in the year 1796.

Question by Deft.
Did you ever own any other colored
woman called JudyJudy , in VincennesVincennes except the said
JudyJudy ? Answer.
I owned one other colored woman in
VincennesVincennes and at the same time called old JudyJudy
who with her children I set free and are now living in
the State of IndianaIndiana, except one called SarahSarah , who
left with her own consent, and went away with her
husband. Question by deft.
Did you know Mrs Cheer Answer. I did, she was brought in by the Indians
as a prisoner. It might have been about the
time I brought said JudyJudy here, I do not know
positively. Question by deft.
How long did you
keep said young JudyJudy in VincennesVincennes after you
brought her there? Answer.
I do not know,
whether six months or four years, but I think
it was not more than four years.

My intention was when I purchased
her and others to set them free after fifteen years