Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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JudyJudy and her two children Salley and LouisaLouisa . She also
had one by the name of NancyNancy who ran off. BuntonBunton
also has young JudyJudy who was no relation of old
JudyJudy . That the colored woman now produced
in court is the same person called young JudyJudy
whom he saw in the possession of Robert BuntonRobert Bunton
and performing the ordinary duties of a servant in the family
at VincennesVincennes IndianaIndiana. Her age when in the possession
of BuntonBunton he did not precisely know, but she
was a good sized girl. He saw her in St. LouisSt Louis
for the first time in year 1819 or 1820
in the possession of Madame LecompteLecompte . He did
not recognize JudyJudy on seeing her in St.LouisSt Louis at
first sight, but did so, afterwards. He could not
say how long JudyJudy was in the possession of RobertRobert Bunton
BuntonRobert Bunton at VincennesVincennes. That the family of negros in
the possession of Madame LecompteLecompte , when he first
knew them were the young JudyJudy and her children
Aspisa, Celeste and Tousaint. That AspisaAspasia the plain
tiff was in the possession of Hardage LaneHardage Lane the de
fendant at the time of the institution of this suit. Upon cross examination he stated, that while he lived

with his father in VincennesVincennes between 1800 & 1806 he first
saw JudyJudy and did not see her after he went ap