Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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prentice which was in 1806, at which time he was not
quite fourteen years old. He knew JudyJudy in the possess
ion of BuntonBunton at least one year or more, but does
not recollect how long. He came to St.LouisSt Louis in the
year 1816 and left his apprenticeship in 1814.

He was twenty years and six months old when he came
out of his apprenticeship. JudyJudy was changed in her ap
pearance, when he first saw her in St.LouisSt Louis, she
had grown fleshy and older. When BuntonBunton was a
tolerably aged man and a man of family when wit
ness first knew him, and at present he must be quite
an old man. Witness saw him about a year ago
supposses him to be man on to seventy and was
more than thirty years old when he (witness) first
knew him at VincennesVincennes. His oldest child was older
than witness. The object of witness going to VincennesVincennes
a year ago was to see his relations and to accompa
ny a Mr BuntonBunton who was employed to take depo
sitions in this suit. Witness called on BuntonBunton and told
him that JudyJudy was in St.LouisSt Louis. He had not just
come out of his apprenticeship when he came to StSt Louis.
LouisSt Louis. He had not seen JudyJudy from the time she
left VincennesVincennes until he saw her in St.LouisSt Louis. That he was employed by Mr Risque to go to VincennesVincennes and was
paid two dollars and fifty cents a day and his expenses.