Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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WilsonWilson Prison a witness being produced and examined
on behalf of the plaintiff stated that he had known JudyJudy
as long as he can remember and that she belonged to Ma
dame LecompteLecompte when he first knew her. Her children
as far as his recollects are Aspisa, Celeste and Tousaint. In the inventory of Madame Lecompt states JudyJudy
& her three children Aspisa, Celeste & Tousaint are
named, and were sold by the administrator of
Mrs. LecompteLecompte in November or December 1832.

Madame BelcourBelcour a witness produced and examined on
the part of the plaintiff stated that she has known
JudyJudy for a great many years. She belonged to her
grand father WilliamWilliam Hebert LecompteLecompte who bought
her (JudyJudy ) (as she witness thinks) from Col:Menard
of was a pretty stout girl when bought
by his grandfather LecompteLecompte , she had no children
at the time, but afterwards had Aspisa, Celeste
and Tousaint. That her grand father had no other
JudyJudy , but she was sold to him by Col: Menard. This being all of the evidence on the part of the plaintiff
the defendant then produced and read in evidence
Bill of sale in the Spanish language only interpreted