Aspasia vs. Hardage Lane
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into the english language from Pierre MenardPierre Menard
to WilliamWilliam Hebert LecompteLecompte dated the 7th(seventh) day of August 1800,(eighteen hundred) made at
St.LouisSt Louis before the then commandant of St.LouisSt Louis
in the usual form and was produced upon the
trial as one of the spanish archives now
& then in the custody of the recorder of St.Louis
County, by which it appeared that Pierre MenardPierre Menard
sold said JudyJudy as his own property to said LecompteLecompte as a slave
for life for the sum of four hundred and fifty
dollars with warranty and a clause of
mortgage to secure the purchase against defect
of . To the reading of which said spanish bill of
sale the plaintiff did not object.

FrancoisFrancois Mallet a witness produced and sworn and
examined on the part of the defendant stated that
he became a resident of VincennesVincennes in the year
1804. That Robert BuntonRobert Bunton lived there
that time and was an old man. That he became acquainted with his family a short time after
his arrival. That he (BuntonBunton ) had a son older than
witness. That the said BuntonBunton had a negro woman
named JudyJudy who at the time had children.