Henry Atkinson v. George R.H. Clark, Executor of the Estate of William Preston Clark
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This is the last will and testament of WilliamWilliam Clark
ClarkWilliam Clark of the City of St LouisCity of St Louis in the state
of MissouriMissouri, being of sound and disposing
mind I recommend my soul to almighty
god and dispose of such worldly estate,
with which He has been pleased to bless me
in manner as follows viz

I have given to my son Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis
Clerk the following property viz

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1st Cash $ 8000.00
2nd Land in Clarksville IndianaIndiana for which he has been paid $ 900.00
3rd A lot in said Clarksville IndianaIndiana, unsold, valued at $ 200.00
4th 3 lots inPaduca Ky valued at $ 500.00
5th Lot No 105 in Jeffersonville IndianaIndianavalued at $ 100.00
6th A Lot in LouisvilleLouisville Ky. Valued at $ 2000.00
7th About three arpens of ground purchased of G.H.Kennedy
situated in centre S LouisS Louis and adjoining lands
of T.J. Payne being in lieu of three hundred and
fifty acres promises him of Marie Gaston valued at
8th A Lot in the City of S LouisS Louis purchased of
valued at
$ 2000.00
I hereby give and devise to my said son
Meriwether LewisMeriwether Lewis Clark his heirs and assigns
a lot or piece of ground with the holdings
thereon in Block No 12, the same wheron I now reside
to include the two rooms now occupied by my
said son with the attached thereto, bounded
by the wall from its foundation up that separates the west
room of my said son from that now occupied by my
son Clark, north, by Vine Street, east by
the eastern wall of my building along said Vine street which
is the western edge of the alley, I hereby direct shall
$ 16.700 00
To be carried over
2 Amount brought over $ 16.700.00
Shall pass though my half of said block, to separ
ate my lots on main street from my ground
on the river, or, first street, and south by
a line parallel with said Vine street to its in
tersection with said alley that shall include
said portico valued at
$ 3200.00
Also a lot in said block No 12 being the
corner of front and said vine streets, twenty five
feet on said front street, extending back wes
terly the same width to the said alley
valued at
$ 10.000.00
Also the three slaves Cloe Anthony & Ben
Valued at
$ 1300.00
This amt. received and to M. L. Clark $ 32000.00