Henry Atkinson v. George R.H. Clark, Executor of the Estate of William Preston Clark
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May 16th 1812

Dear Sir,

in your note of the 7th but I have to
state that I took a mortagage upon the property sold and had the same recorded
I paid Judge Ten dollars for writing
the mortgage Recorded in Lawrence
County IllinoisIllinois at least I left it with the judge
for record I have not a letter
from Mr RusselRussel administrator of
the purchaser requesting that a sale
should not be forced under the
mortgage in consequence of the difficulty
of the times The purchaser died two
days before the money became due
Mr RusselRussel lives at in the
same county and he was seventy upon
the notes for the purchase money - You
have the note In reply to Mr
RusselRussel . I stated that I was very
that the
early us possible and I requested him
to write me when I must come on

If I do not before I shall certainly
go or next spring to close this busines
I have received no payment on the notes
The mortgage was taken like the notes jointly
to your of other & to me It will not probably