Henry Atkinson v. George R.H. Clark, Executor of the Estate of William Preston Clark
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PaducahJany 18. 1845

Dear Sir

DrWilkinsonWilkinson has submitted to me a proposition of
compromise on the Ins cases against him for the balance of pur
chase money due on lots 5 and 11 the proposition is to pay eight
hundred dollars down and give his note 12 months ( secured by the
lien on property) for the balance the interest deducting the
costs of debts the situation of the matter is this - There are two
judgments each fee $ 800 te the collection of which
WilkinsonWilkinson filed two bills one in this county the in Graves
The security or the bond given here is perfectly solvent The
security an Graves is of no account and of Sam Connelly infor
med has taken the benefit of the Bankrupt law WilkinsonWilkinson
has nothing which can be reached by excution and the proper
ty of sold into not having enough or more than that satisfy
one of the judgments. In new of these facts I would advise you
to authorize the compromise as it will be vastly better to get
the judgment in Graves paid and hold the property subject for
the balance due there the $ 1600 interest and costs for which
it is now subject - The judgments might be kept suspended over
him, but there is the guarantee that it ever can be made except
by a sale of the property & in addition to the reasons already as-
signed the Dr is much larger claims against him
than this you can reflect upon and let me hear from you
at your earliest convenience I remain as ever

Yours the