Henry Atkinson v. George R.H. Clark, Executor of the Estate of William Preston Clark
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Geo R H ClarkGeorge R Clark Executor in act with estate William ClarkWilliam Clark

1846 october 9th To balance in settlement of March 10th 1846 53729 953/4
October 9th amt recd of WrightWright by J.OFallon interest
of Wm ClarkWilliam Clark in a tract of land jointly owned
and sold by Wm ClarkWilliam Clark J.OO Fallon FallonO Fallon to ship
being in Owen county KentuckyKentucky
135 98
Contra Credits
April 25th By amt paid & Carrelberry expense in
deed to land in JeffersonJefferson County CountyJefferson CountyMo
69 1 80
May 11th Acknowledgement of atty to J. OO Fallon FallonO Fallon
to deed land in Owen county Ky to ship
Oct 19 Discount on $ 115,00 KentuckyKentucky money and
in sale of lands in Queen County Ky
1 35
3 95
Balance to credit of 53861 981/2
53865 93 1/2 53865

GeoGeorge R Clark RGeorge R Clark ClarkGeorge R Clark


St LouisSt LouisDecember 14th 1826