Henry Atkinson v. George R.H. Clark, Executor of the Estate of William Preston Clark
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To my son WilliamWilliam PrestonPreston Clark I have

given as follows Clark $ 3000.00
1st For lands sold in Clarksville IndianaIndiana, $ 1100.00
2nd Lot no 191 in Jeffrsonville IndianaIndiana, Valued at $ 100.00
3rd Three lots in Paduca Valued at $ 500.00
4th A lot on main street, St LouisSt Louis purchased of
valued at
$ 1500.00
5th The three slaves NancyNancy HenryHenry and
AlexanderAlexander valued at
$ 1150.00
I hereby give and devise to my said son
WilliamWilliam P.Clark, his heirs and assigns a lot
in Block No. ten, in S LouisS Louis foundry main street
on the west, extending back to an ally separating
it from a river lot, with the buldings thereon,
adjoining and south of the lot belonging to the
MissouriMissouriInsurance Co. valued at
$ 6150.00
Also the lot in Block No 12 (the same wheresaid
side) corner of main and Vine streets, extending in depth
to the lot herein devised to my son Meriwether L.
Clark to include with the buildings thereon, one
To be carried over half
$ 13.500.00