Henry Atkinson v. George R.H. Clark, Executor of the Estate of William Preston Clark
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Executor'S Sale Of Valuable Lands.

Notice Is hereby given that by virture and authority
of the will of William ClarkWilliam Clark , deceased, I will,
as the Executor appointed by said will, sell at public auction
be the highest bidder for cash at the eastern door of
the Court House. In the City of St. LouisCity of St Louis and State of
Saturday February 24th1849, between
the hours at ten and two o clock of that day an
be right, title and interest of the said WilliamWilliam Clark
ClarkWilliam Clark deceased, at the time of his death of, in, and to a
certain tract of three hundred and twenty acres of land
situate, lying and being in the county of JeffersonJefferson , and
state of MissouriMissouri and on the south side of the [ Merrimack ]
river and near the junction of the [ Merrimack ] and MississippiMississippi
rivers being the same land acquired by william
Clark, deceased by deed from Hardy Ware, dated August
11th, 1815 and recorded In Recorder's office of StSt Louis.
LouisSt Louis county In said state in Book F page 78 and by
from James SmirlJames Smirl by Sheriff dated March 7th 1812,
and recorded in Recorder's office in said county of Jeffer-
son in Book H. page 131 and 132.

Geroge R.H

.Clark, deceased.

St LouisSt Louis,MoJanuary 25, 1840