Henry Atkinson v. George R.H. Clark, Executor of the Estate of William Preston Clark
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State of MissouriMissouri
county of Saint LouisSt Louis


At a Term of the County CourtCircuit Court begun and held at the city of Saint LouisSt Louis
within and for the county of Saint LouisSt Louis in the State of MissouriMissouri on the first Monday of March being the second day of said month in the year of Our Lord One thousand and Eight hundred and forty, were present. Mary Philip LeducMarie P Ledue Esquire presiding Justice and JosephJoseph LeBlond Esquire
Justice Marshall BrothertonMarshall Brotherton Esquire Sheriff of the county of Saint LouisSt Louis, and Henry ChouteauHenry Chouteau Clerk

Henry WaltonHenry Walton Esquire and takes his seat as a member of the court
court adjourned from day to day until Saturday Morning 14th March 10 O'Clock

Saturday 14th March 1840
court met pursuant to Adjournment present all the Justices