Henry Atkinson v. George R.H. Clark, Executor of the Estate of William Preston Clark
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The sum of two thousand dollars, being an excess over
my other sons allotment, to be deducted from my said son's
WilliamsWilliams proportion, arising from sales of property herein
provided for, an equitable proportion of which to be
refunded to each of my other sons

I have given to my son GeorgeGeorge H ,
HGeorge H . Clark as follows Viz

1st Cash - $ 1000.00
2nd For lands sold in Clarkville IndianaIndiana $ 900.00
3rd I have and do now devise to said son his heirs & assigns five half
acre lots in Clarksville IndianaIndianaNo's 120. 121.
122. 127 & 138 valued at
$ 200.00
4th Lot No 192 in Jeffersonville IndianaIndiana valued at $ 100.00
5th Lots No. 16. 42 and 102 in Paducah Ky valued $ 500.00
6th Also Slaves Allan LewisLewis & Childs and EmilyEmily
and children valued at
$ 1800.00
7th Also the MarieMarie Castor farm and to

names thereto belonging containing five hun

dred acres of land valued at
$ 5000.00
8th The two tenements & lots occupied by
in block No twelve
borders North by that occupied by BeardLarrell
and south by that occupying by - de-
vised to my handWilliamWilliam extending with the width
To be carried over of the
$ 9500.00