Henry Atkinson v. George R.H. Clark, Executor of the Estate of William Preston Clark
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He cannot comply with the request of your Peti
tioner except the same be sanctioned by a
competent Court

In consideration whereof your petiti
oner prays that the said George ClarkGeorge Clark may be
directed by order of this court to surrender to your
petitioner the note aforesaid the note fore
said executed given to the said WilliamWilliam Clark
ClarkWilliam Clark and to admit the indebtedness of the said
WilliamWilliam clark to your Petitioner to the sum
of one hundred twenty dollars with inter
est thereon at six per cent per annum from
said twenty third day of October in the year 1836and allow the same to be against
the estate of the said William ClarkWilliam Clark to be
paid in course of administration on receiving
from your Petitioner the
to him the said William ClarkWilliam Clark which
he here submits. to however to be can

HenryHenry AtkinsonAtkinson

Petitioner by his attoy