Henry Atkinson v. George R.H. Clark, Executor of the Estate of William Preston Clark
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General William ClarkWilliam Clark In
with Asa Wilgus. Dr.

1838 March 9 To glass and glazing for Dr. Beamont $2.50
1838 March 31 To papering at Old House fr Order of M. S. Clark 2.50
1838 March 31 To painting DoneWhiteWhite fr Do. 10.00
1838 March 31 To glass and glazing the same fr Do. 6.00
1838 May 19th To glass and glazing, at Dr. Beaumonts 1.00
June 8th To glass and glazing at Dr. Beaumonts 3.18 3/4
June 8th To 126 lights glass and glazing in Sky lights. 15.75
$ 40.93 2/4

Saint LouisSt LouisJuly 9th 1840

. of elements of and 15 june 1841 Forty dollars ninety three and three fourths cents allowed on 15th of June 1841 in favor of
Asa Wilgus against Estate of William ClarkWilliam Clark deceased and placed in the 7th Class

PeterPeter Ferguson Judge of Porbate

Asa Wilgus