Henry Atkinson v. George R.H. Clark, Executor of the Estate of William Preston Clark
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George R.H. ClarkGeorge R Clark executor of William ClarkWilliam Clark


To F.W. Risque Dr

1838 Nov 15 To going written opinion as to general
duties as executor and Paducah proper-
ty and the mode of dividing the same
$ 30.00
1838 Nov 26 To writing power of attorney to Cal John O'Fallon 5.00
1839 April 2nd To writing decd to RobertRobert Rankin for 3 lots
on front street St LouisSt Louis
1839 April 2nd 10.00
1839 April 5 10.00
1839 may 28 To making settlement with EdwardEdward Mack
in relation to tenement 117 main St
1839 July 9 To cash paid constable for serving notice on
Charles G. Brooks to quit tenement 115
1839 July 10 To fee for unlaw ful detainer vs
Brooks for tenement 115
To legal advice from Sept: 1838 to
against 1839
$ 75.00
$ 170.00

St LouisSt Louismarch 17th 1841 of G.R.H. ClarkG R H Clark of Mr Clark
one hundred & seventy dollars in full of the above