Henry Atkinson v. George R.H. Clark, Executor of the Estate of William Preston Clark
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there be paid to my son JeffersonJefferson Kearney Clark
four thousand dollars, the balance of said proceeds
of sale of property, et cetera to be equally divided
among my four sons Meriwether
and JeffersonJefferson taking care, from my son William's
part to refund to my other sons their respective proportion
of the two thousand dollars excess of the amount herein
alloted to each

I further give and devise to my four sons
in equal parts all my Paducah town lots and lands,
including all lands claimed by me south of the
TennesseeTennessee river, as well as every other interest or
property, real or personal, that does now, or may
hereafter belong to me always however except

ing, such land lots or property which I have or shall hereafter
convey away by deeds or Bond or otherwise

I authorised and require such of my executors
as shall act, their survivors or survivor to take
charge of the real and personal estate of
my minor son JeffersonJefferson Kearney Clark untill
he shall attain the age of twenty one years, and
to invest the money coming to him from rents
or otherwise over and above, what shall be required
for his genteel support and education in
good, safe and profitable stock, or to loan its on
unencumbered real estate at half of the estimated value
decreased by deeds of
or use the whole or part in
proving his lot, on second street, at the expira-
tion of the present lease if believed to be better than
to release said lot. I wish my son MeriwetherMeriwether Lewis
LewisMeriwether Lewis Clark to have charge of the education of
my said son JeffersonJefferson

I hereby appoint JohnJohn O'Fallon O'FallonJohn O'Fallon
and my sons, MeriwetherMeriwether , WilliamWilliam , and