Hiram Nicholson vs. Jefferson Blackwell and John Gant
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Articles Of Agreement,
made and entered into this twenty second day of March 1831,
by and between
John Gantle & Jefferson BlackwellJefferson Blackwell
of the one part, and HiramHiram Kichilson of the state of ohio
of the other part,

That, Whereas, the said Gantle & BlackwellBlackwell proposes sending a party of men to the RockyRocky
Mountains, to be there, or on either side thereof, employed as Hunters, or to trade with the Indians, &c. Now, Therefore, the said HiramHiram Kichilson

who declares himself capable of discharging, in the most efficient manner, all the duties required in the business aforesaid, promises and hereby obliges himself to
accompany said Expedition, and to be employed in the service of said Gantle & BlackwellBlackwell in manner aforesaid, from the present date
until the Thirty first day of July 1832 And the said HiramHiram Kichilson further promises, that he will, during his
said term of service, promptly, diligently and faithfully discharge his duty, by doing all manner of things in his power of the best interest of said Gantle & BlackwellBlackwell
; that he will be obedient to their orders, and to the orders of such person or persons as they shall appoint to conduct their business; that in case of
difficulty with Indians, or other persons, he will defend their property or persons, even in the most imminent danger; and the said HiramHiram Kichilson
further promises, not to trade, directly or indirectly, with any Indian, Indians, or other persons, without the permission of said Gantle & BlackwellBlackwell
or their Agent, duly authorized to grant such permission; nor will he take with him on said Expedition, any article of trade, other than that which
may be furnished him by the said Gantle & BlackwellBlackwell or may, by them be permitted; and the said Gantle & BlackwellBlackwell
on their part, promises to pay to said HiramHiram Kichilson at the expiration of his said term of
service,the sum of one hundred and ninety two Dollars as a full compensation for his services aforesaid.

In Witness Whereof, the parties have hereunto set their hands and seals, the day and date above written.

HughHugh M Call

HiramHiram & Kichilson

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Gantle & BlackwellBlackwell

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