Hiram Nicholson vs. Jefferson Blackwell and John Gant
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a justice of the peace in and further
of St LouisSt Louis

HiramHiram Nicholson

covenant Damage $ 90 00
on the Wednesday in 1831

may 11th 1831 the defendants appear in their proper persons and
the plaintiff being he further
by andaforesaid against the said defendants when it is
by that justice that the said plaintiff take nothing by his said
be in mercy for his false and that the defendant hereof
without day and afterwards on the same day and year aforesaid before
the justice aforesaid the said plaintiff in his our
and on motion of the said plaintiff supported by the path of said plaintiff
and bycovenant of the defendants the judgement if suit rendered as
aforesaid is set aside and Sixteenth day of the same month is
upon for the trail aforesaid cause the same day is given the
aforesaid thereto at which said day before the justice aforesaid
the parties aforesaid by their and other when also at the
of the plaintiff a to writ James F

good and lawful were of the township of St LouisSt Louis
well and duly to try the matter in dispute between the parties aforesaid
upon their oaths do say that they find for the plaintiff and apell
hisdamages dollars, where it is considered by
the justice that the said plaintiff recover of the defendants his damages
aforesaid in form aforesaid together with his costs
by him of out his suit and afterward to writ or
the twenty first day of the same month JeffersonJefferson Blackwell BlackwellJefferson Blackwell
one of the defendants aforesaid, and prayed an affect to the

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upon the judgment aforesaid and a at the same time
the and to the oath prescribed by law, the
same is granted where

I certify the aforegoing be true transcript of a
in the action aforesaid between the party aforesaid
as the same on