Eliza Briscoe v. William Anderson
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To the Hon Luke E LawlessLuke E Lawless Judge of the CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court of St Louis County The petition of ElizaEliza Briscoe
BriscoeEliza Briscoe respectfully represents

That some time in
the month of July 1838 your petitioner removed
with her master Melton WalkerWalker the
of where she had always before lived
to court County in the State of IllinoisIllinois where
they some time in the month of August in the year 1838. That her said master removed
to the place last mentioned for the purpose of
residing & has ever since continued to residethere
that sometime in the month of April 1839. some persons in the place last afore-
said having there to
to procue the freedom of you
your petitioner was thereupon immediately
sent by her master to the city of St LouisSt Louis
where she has since been kept his still
kept in the propession the
of of the said City ofCity of St Louis
St LouisCity of St Louis

Your petitioner therefore prays that
she may be permitted to sue as a poor person
in order to establish her right to freedom

ElizaEliza Briscoe BriscoeEliza Briscoe