James v. Charles Haskin
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To The Hon.Luke E. LawlessLuke E Lawless Judge of the
Circuit CourtCircuit Court of St Louis County-

HumblyHumbly complaining sheweth
unto your Honor your petitioner JamesJames alias JamesJames & Has
kins that he entitled to his freedom, and is
now held in slavery by Charles HaskinsCharles Haskins
of St Clair CountySt Clair County IllinoisIllinois, who is now, in
St LouisSt Louis And is entitled to his freedom
from the following causes- That about
fourteen years ago your Petitioner was brought
to the State of IllinoisIllinois from KentuckyKentucky by
Philimron Haskins the father of CharlesCharles Haskins
HaskinsCharles Haskins - and was kept and detained in
slavery in said state of Illinouis about
one year when Philimron Haskins brought
your petitioner to MissouriMissouri and hired him
out at the mines where he remained about
Two years, that since that period your
petitioner has been hired out in and
about St LouisSt Louis by Philimron Haskins
until his death, which happened about
eight years ago- It being the wish of
old Haskins that your peitioner should
go free after his death, a fact will
known in the family, and it being under

stood, that your petitioner had a right
to his freedom from having been detained
in slavery in IllinoisIllinois- Upon the death of
of his old Master your petitioner demanded
his freedom, when it was agreed by CharlesCharles Haskins
HaskinsCharles Haskins the present claimant of your
peitioner, that if your peitioner would
serve six years longer, in St LouisSt Louis, that
he should name his freedom- your peitioner
States that he served out the six years

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with honesty and fidelity- and the said
Charles HaskinsCharles Haskins has received all the
benefits of said Hire, and still refuses
to set your petitioner free- And for as
much as your petitioner is entitled
to his freedom from having been kept
in involuntary servidtude in the state
of IllinoisIllinois- he prays your Honor to make
an order, securing to him reasonable
liberty to attend his counsel and the Court
as occasion may require, and that
your petitioner be not removed out of
the jurisdiction of the Court and that
he be not subject to any severity
on account of his application for
freedom- and such the order as
your honor may deemproper in the

St LouisSt LouisSept 14th 1837

JamesJames his mark Haskins

Jos B Bowlin