Rebecca, a colored girl, by and through her next friend, Harris v. Louis Mattock and James Black
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(Section A)

Question 1st did you or did you not make and execute
a certain Deed of trust to Thomas M.Horine bearing
date the seventh day of October, Eighteen Thirty eight
where in a certain negros girl was so conveyed to said
HorineHorine for the use and behalf of CarolineCaroline Black,
Daughter of James Black.

answer I never made to ThomasThomas M Horine MThomas M Horine . HorineThomas M Horine any deed
of trust of the date mentioned, but on the 18th of October 1832, & made a deed to said HorineHorine for three young negroes
in truse for the entire use and benefit of my daughter
EmilyEmily Black, and her three children, WilliamWilliam , MariaMaria
and CarolineCaroline , (the said EmilyEmily Black died at in
the sate of IllinoisIllinois three years ago last summer or the
begining of the fall) That is to say for the use and benefit of my Daughter , until her three children shall
at lawful age, after which time the right of my said
daughter EmilyEmily should cease, and the right use and benefit
of the said three negroes should be tested in her three
childrens, in the following manner, to writ, william. Black
should have delivered to him a negro by named Jeffrey
then about seven years of age, when the said william
should arrive at twenty one years of age, MariaMaria M.Black
sholuld have delivered to her, a negro girl named MaryMary , or
PollyPolly , then about five years of age and her increase when
she should arrive at the age of eighteen years
and Carroline Black was to have delivered to her a
negro girl, named , than about ten or eleven years
of age, and her increase when the said CarolineCaroline should
arrive at the age of eighteen years; the said negro RebeccaRebecca
had, when I made the said and, trust a large on
head, occasionaly, a burn The said CarolineCaroline
Black, to the said negro Rebacca, was

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given in said deed of trust, died at my house in the
County of St. Genivence, in the State of MissouriMissouri, something
more than three years age, at the age of about three
or four years.-

Question 2nd Did you or did you not hold said slaves so
conveyed as your property aftr said conveyance in trust?
and if, so in what manner and how long ?

Answer I never held said slave RebeccaRebecca as my property,
after I gave her to my said daughter EmilyEmily and grand
daughter CarolineCaroline , as mentioned in my answer to said first interogatory- The gift took place at my house about he for the execution
and date of the said Deed of trust to HorineHorine , with this special
order to th said EmilyEmily that the said negro RebeccaRebecca was
not to be removed from the state of MissouriMissouri

3rd Did you ever give, or did you not, your consent to the
removal of said RebeccaRebecca into the State of IllinoisIllinois so,
when and under what circumstances; and was such consert
given but one on after making said deed of trust

Answer So far from giving my consult to the removal of said
RebeccaRebecca to the State of IllinoisIllinois, I positively and repeated by
forbade my said daughter EmilyEmily , and also my other children
from doing so, and I never gave my consent to any such

Q 4th, Did you ever make any other Deed of trust of said
above named negroes and especally of said RebeccaRebecca to
said ThomasThomas M Horine MThomas M Horine HorineThomas M Horine or to any othr person, save
the one above and referred to ?

Answer, I never in any manner or form, made any other
deed of trust to said HorineHorine , nor to any othr
person, for said negroes or either of them, than that
dated October 18th 1832, and refered to in my answer
to the first interrogatory?