Rebecca, a colored girl, by and through her next friend, Harris v. Louis Mattock and James Black
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5, are you aware and do you know that RebeccaRebecca , the slave in
question resied at any time in IllinoisIllinois If so, state where
with whom and how long?

Answer. I do not know that said negro ever resided in IllinoisIllinois

6th . Have you over heard any admissions of on Black, one
of the defendants as to the esidence of the
himself and family in the state of IllinoisIllinois with said
RebeccaRebecca ? If so, state it.

Answer. I do not recollect that I ever heard from Mr. Black
that the said negro RebeccaRebecca , had resided with him
in his family in IllinoisIllinois, on the other hand, he
has written to me that he had no claim for
himself on the said negro RebeccaRebecca and further

William JamesWilliam James