Samuel Stokes, a man of color v. John Finney and William Finney
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was made John FinneyJohn Finney declared to the
bidders that his object in buying said
CharityCharity & Child was to provide for them
freedom .He then bid for said CharityCharity &
Child the sum of three hundred &
twenty five dollars the object of said Finney
appearing to be so human & disinterested
no one after this bid against him.
Said CharityCharity & her Child, whowere itnot
for the understanding that said Finney
intended to emancipatethem at the time
of said sale would have readily
had to from five hundred to seven
hundred Dollars. Your orator states that
he & his wifelabored hard & submitted to
great privations to redeem these said child
& grand child from slavery and paid
over to said John & who
bought said slaves in partnership all
the money they could acquire as fast
as they could make it untill they paid
said Finneys for the redemption of their
child & grand child at different terms
the sum of two hundred & twenty nine
Dollars. Your orator states, that he raised
& maintainedMaryMary his grand child from
the time she was about a year old until
she was old enough to be servicable to said
Finneys when they took of her
& put her to theirservice. That said
CharityCharity about two or three years after the
Finneys purchased had a child named
John now living withJohn FinneyJohn Finney .
That while said CharityCharity was unable to
Labor from pregnancy as sicknessshewas
sent to your orator who cheerfully