Samuel Stokes, a man of color v. John Finney and William Finney
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nursed & maintained her wishing the said
Finneys should be at as little trouble &
as possible with her child & believing
that they would act towards him withgood
faith. your orator States that after the
birth of his grand son John he took him
& raied him untill he was able to be
useful to said Finneys when they took
possession of him & engaged him in their
service- Your orator states that his grand
daughter MaryMary has told is married & has
latelygivenbirth to a child which she had
last & that during her sickness & confinement
she was sent to your Orator to be
supported & maintained Your Orator states
that said Finney sold said CharityCharity to
one Gratial for two hundred & fifty dollars
& that she in. Your
orator States that said Finneys after
getting from him & his wife in cash $229
and for the sale of said CharityCharity $250
amounting in all to the sum of $479
and having your orators grand Children
MaryMary & John supported & maintained
during their helpless years of their infancy
& nursed & maintained when they were
sick or unable to work now claims said
MaryMary & John as slaves for life & refuse
to conveythem to your orator so that he
may setthemfreeor to emancipatethem
themselves- they now refuse to refund the
money paid by your orator as aforesaid
or in any way to pay him for raising
& maintaining his grand children as aforesaid
ornursing & taking care of them
in sickness all of which actings & doings
are against equity & good
conscience. Your orator says that it is not
in his power to state particularly the dates
& amount of cash payment made by him