Samuel Stokes, a man of color v. John Finney and William Finney
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if so set forth copies of any such memorandums
or entries if in your possession or within
your power if not state what were those
memorandums or entriesaccording to the
best of your recollection

5.Did you not sell said CharityCharity to one
Gratial as above stated & when & for what
sum If not to whom did you sell her
did you sell as a slave for life or for
a term of years & for what sum

6.Has not said SamuelSamuel raised & maintained
his grand daughter MaryMary & his grand son
John in infancy while their services were
valueless- Have not you had their
serviceswhenever they were valuable. Has
not said SamuelSamuel supported & mantained
said CharityCharity MaryMary & his grand son John
generally whom they were sick or
unable to work and have you not
had then service when you required them
as stated in said Bill if not state
the whole truth according to the best of
your knowledge & belief how long said
CharityCharity MaryMary & John have served what
they would have hired for during the times
they were in your service or under your
control and what would be a reasonable
compensation to said SamuelSamuel for his
support & manitance of said CharityCharity
& her children during infancy & sickness
& their inability to labor provided said
SamuelSamuel was intittled to pay therefore

7.Did not you or either of you at the sale
of CharityCharity & her child made as aforesaid
declare to the bidders present that if you
brought said CharityCharity & her her child you
would secure to them their freedom