Samuel Stokes, a man of color v. John Finney and William Finney
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If not what did you say in relation
to your motives in purchasing or the
freedom of Said CharityCharity or MaryMary or
either of them

8.Did you not purchase said CharityCharity &
MaryMary for the sum of there hundred &
Twenty four Dollars if not for what
sum did you purchased them

9 After it was understood that you came
to secure to CharityCharity & Child their freedom was there
any further bid against you

10 Would not said CharityCharity & child probably
at the time of sale probably have sold
for a much larger sum than you
bid for them had you not stated your
intention of securing their freedom
Your orator prays that said Finneys
may be compelled to emancipate said
children of said CharityCharity under form of
law or to bring them to your orator
so that he may liberate them or if
this cannot be done that they may
be complled to refund to your orator
the sum of four hundred dollars and
Sixty nine Dollars andtheinterest and to
pay your orator a reasonable compensation
for the support & maintainance of his
daughter & her said childern and if your
orator has not prayed the proper relief
he prays for such further & other relief
as he may be entitled to upon principles
of equity & he willever pray to

G A BirdG A Bird Solicitor for