Polly Wash, a woman of color v. Joseph M. Magehen
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april seventh day, year aforesaid eigth october
in the to adjournment
sand being further unarmed say
plaintiff left illinois at the time aforesaid
it was generally reported that PollyPolly was
untitled to his freedom - & the said man
to has came
& take away the plaintiff, and has DavidDavid from of his sansWilliamWilliam
brother came away the plaintiff as
they said to, MissouriMissouri plaintiff was hered
out to Law
& to - was in the
of saying that he intended to

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plaintiff for at the death of him &
his life that she should serve bady sent
him & his cause old man that
arrived in IllinoisIllinois they and they ever
for MisouriMissouri - that they stuppid here because
they thought the was too cold for them
to pursue then journey they were bath
getting and - his family here of himself
his wife for & plaintiff he said a & battle the its about a
month thin he got a house at & stood
there -
by counsel for
you have said me bracket while he was in
IllinoisIllinois as aforesaid hered plaintiff to work
for your son Law & for
your to state have you know she
was hired - how long she was hired in what & what images she & what
to whom her images were paid
Answer - old man & told me plaintiff wa
Ring at my son in Laws to pay for land
they gate for plaintiff
at there - not have
plaintiff stand there or what images
she at as I understand from
& to pay for a track
the plaintiff - question. find the norms of
self, our in
and convey to any other person or his children
answer his propertyno. when I say he was