Polly Wash, a woman of color v. Joseph M. Magehen
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failing I mean that failing in
constitution as any other drinking man does
plenty & property - question - how many
in his term had our
here in MadisonMadison Co.. answer
answer. Deponent does not know,
a five - said brought with him to the
of Deponent knowledge a small
him, He had about a dozen for
sincerely, said
had so or any other
cattle twagger. his team, was not in
very good but plenty good enough to enable
him to go along any where question by
- was his wife, or the at any time in IllinoisIllinois while they were here -
answer - plff was a little , but not so, to present her going along if
had wished plff was a in this
spring but very little so - question by Depts
During the time aforesaid, any losses tray away any
of answered or answer our
pours in the spring as any , but no accident