Polly Wash, a woman of color v. Joseph M. Magehen
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happened him question twenty two years ago
has the present MadisonMadison county, thirty or densely
settled I mean where can stopped
and please state the names of persons who lived
near at the time.

Answer It was pretty well settled
my husband

a man by
the name of LeonardLeonard lived at Greggs me
me and of
same name JamesJames those
more the three miles

by how far was at from where me
this county by the
loads usually travelled to the

Answer about seventeen miles to the at St. LouisSt Louis
It was about 20 miles miles to Twenty two years ago the roads are
bad from here to St. LouisSt Louis or from here to
has your I don't know far I had these
river travelled within but I have same
to St. LouisSt Louis I was there about twenty years ago
the roads were these