Polly Wash, a woman of color v. Joseph M. Magehen
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that polly the plff was hired not to his
wife for about three
nor paid for her services deponent
thinks that he services were paid for
in a the winter was a one staid here in madison county
for what reason he knows form
fall untill the last of April on the first of May in a long cabin belonging
to kept third says that
polly the plff was treated as a slage was
talked as touch by generally
as deponent
but it thinks him that he has lead the
old man say that he intended freeing
the plff when plff first came here she
was a slip of a girl apparantly between 14 or
16 years of age The place hese the county
was at the time of plaff was quite
thickly settled of dept does not pretend merely think they paid for in a
paid for her services

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in matters plantiff has had
not to Deponents wife cannot say
exactly in what way he paid for the
of the plff so much time has elasped
but know that he did pay to satisfy
for the same Deponent know that his thought
was born about the time that plaintiff came to live with him his The plff
had been living with same wood before

by dependent not know whether old man his at me or not
he did at my place at
the brought me has hold
such things as mourns gernally
take what things he had me I cant
say JosephJoseph were both advanced
in years he had but one hand one of his arms
was off above the his family consisted of
the girl spoken of
I have lived in IllinoisIllinois there has been more
or less the other in the month of november
The roads be between here and the are
generally had in the mississppi
the months of march and april