Polly Wash, a woman of color v. Joseph M. Magehen
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was in spring of 1818 I can not say

by Deft
You have spoken of the hiring of plaintiff
to your wife pay for his hire as I think
your as arthur down does not
convey the idea intended by your I wish your
again to state all your know about this
hiring and the payment of her wagesmy wife says so

Answer of the to by plaintiff I know
she worked at my house my wife says
the paid for his in a for the
plaintiff and I have heard the plaintiff
say I may have paid him in
or other things I do not recalled but I know
was paid for her he
paid me no rent for the house I do
not recalled that I charged
for any thing or kept any amount with
him or that he even paid me any thing
the handled together and generally and
his team after said left this
settlemant say two three four or five
years he called an me at my house
this county-