Polly Wash, a woman of color v. Joseph M. Magehen
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JosephJoseph I am informed and belive is
dead my understanding is that he did in
missouri thought I do not nut know this
to be a before plaintiff life illinois
I hered a report that she was intelled to
her freedom The that that was
here was a secure one and the spring was
a backward spring & the
you state that had
furniture in his
was this statements put down by atty
without authority or if not how do you know
the such wasn't the contents

Answer Dept merely says that he brought with Luis
a waggon the waggon when
deponent frquently used the waggon
to had some furniture
in his that sented of dept
he bought and
the only two
in the neighbourdhood of the
now know prety and
fruther deponent siath not



to before
one on this 7th day of April 1840
between the hours aforesaid